Do you know The Danish Rockstar / Author Lars Muhl?

Lars Muhl, Danish Rockstar and Esoteric Author.

I am so excited. I have recently interviewed Lars Muhl, the Danish Rockstar, who was big in the 1980s and ’90s and now is more famous for his esoteric books (some would call them spiritual books). I have read one of them “The Seer” about Lars’ own spiritual journey and it is highly recommendable. I could not put it down.

Anyway, I have been thinking a lot about what I could do to aid all the young kids out there, as well as frustrated / stressed parents who suffer from anxiety, performance pressure, comparison pressure, addiction, depression….you name it. That is why I decided to ask Lars Muhl about his take on all this. So two months ago I wrote his assistant an email and asked if he would be up for an interview. I honestly did not think I was gonna get a reply, but what could I loose by asking, right? What I wanted to ask him was: Why does he think it has gotten “this far out” with our mental health in a time where we have more than many of us need (materialistically) and where we have so much knowledge from the past to learn from. Why are we not doing better mentally and physically? And, how does he think we can solve this major challenge.

I was extremely surprised and happy when I received an email back from Lars Muhl himself, stating that he would do the interview and dear reader. I have now done it and soon you will be able to read it!

My little family <3

It became a very interesting, controversial and for me even more mind-opening interview, which I cannot wait to share with you when I am back from H O L I D A Y in Bulgaria in a week from today (Yes, we leave today). I will be residing for a week in the countryside surrounded by wonderful nature, fresh veggies and fruits from the huge garden of my Mum in Law, Iskra and I can’t wait. As you may have read, I live in amazing Berlin, which I truly love, but I do miss nature and I really wish for our son Jordan who is soon 2 1/2 years-old, that he can experience longer periods of time in nature where “the real” life unfolds and where we are more offline than online <3

A very big smile from me to you,


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