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Lars Muhl

Around one year ago my sister told me to read a fascinating, inspiring and very transforming book. Transforming in the sense that it made me re-think many things and look at life in a different way. The book was written by the famous Danish Rockstar Lars Muhl, who I until then only thought of as a musician from Denmark, the country where I also grew up.

I remember Lars Muhl’s massive Danish hit “Sjæl I Flammer” from 1987. His fame was huge in Denmark. For years he played the large stages until he suddenly got very ill and had to stay in bed for 3 years. No one could help him. He tried all kinds of treatment and things remained the same. He could barely do his shows and withdrew himself more and more from the public eye.

What was happening? How could he ever get a normal life again? One day he was introduced to “the Seer”, a man called Calle Montsegur, who was said to be able to perform miracles and helped people all over the world.

It took a five-minute phone call followed by some “energy-work” (healing), and Lars fell into a very deep sleep. Two hours later he woke up and got out of bed. He felt normal again, for the first time in years. Since then he visited The Seer and became his “apprentice” over the next several years. This changed the life of Lars Muhl and he began writing more books on the topic.

He wrote the book “The Seer” about his meeting with the Healer and the following journey he embarked upon. This is the book I read and loved. Today Lars Muhl is on the list of the top 100 most influencial Esoteric Writers alive. However, these “titles” do not really seem to mean anything to Lars, who is more into the quality of people’s work, rather than the “brand” they carry or the fame they have.

The book I read and loved called “Seeren” or “The Seer” in English.

A few weeks ago, I decided to write to Lars Muhl’s assistant to ask for an interview. I wanted to know Lars’ take on why so many young people suffer from depression today. Why so many parents find it difficult to raise their kids. Why so many kids are put on anti-depressives and diagnosed with ADHD or Autism. How does he think we can help our younger generation and what is the reason for this massive down-ward spiral in our mental health?

I honestly did not think Lars Muhl would agree to do an interview with me, but he did! It was a highly inspirational talk of 30min, which I will present to you over the next few days. I hope you will enjoy the read.

You will find links to Lars Muhl’s website at the end of this post.

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Nina (N): Today I am talking to the Danish Musician and writer of esoteric books Lars Muhl. Hello Lars, and welcome to the interview!

Lars (L): Hello (He says in a soft and friendly voice)

N: Thank you for taking the time for this interview

L: Thank you for having me.

N: Yes, of course! I would like you to describe who you are in your own words.

L: Hmmm, long story. Since I was a child, because of certain circumstances, I was opened towards spirituality in a rather harsh way, if I may say so. Anyway, It was the beginning of a lifelong path I have been on and not so many people, who know me from the music scene are aware of that my main business really was to study all the world’s religious traditions and philosophies and so forth. So, what I did for almost a lifetime, or what feels like it, was just to study and not to practice what I was studying.

Then in 1995 when I suddenly became sick and was bound to the bed for three years, I was connected to the man who became my teacher, “The Seer” also know as Calle Montsegur. He got me out of bed after a 5min telephone call.

N: He got you out of bed and this state after just one call?

L: Yeah, we talked for five minutes and afterwards I felt a slight knocking in the back of my neck and I went to sleep. After two hours of deep sleep I woke up to a world that after three years in black and white, was suddenly in Technicolor.

N: Wow, this is amazing. And this man, Calle, who you talk about is the one you wrote the book “The Seer” about?

L: Yes, yes.

N: And you had tried other forms of medical help for three years and nothing had helped?

L: I had been trying to get diagnosed both from ordinary doctors and also healers. But nobody was able to diagnose or heal me in any way.

N: So you just lay in your bed and could not do music or work or anything?

L: No, only sporadically I would have a few days here and there, but otherwise I was just not able to do anything.

N: When you look back at this with the knowledge you have today, do you think that this (illness) happened for a reason, so that you had to contact Calle?

L: Yeah, the reason for me laying there, which I found out later, was that I was not practicing the things I was studying. So after I got out a bed, Calle asked me to come down to Montsegur where he was working and visit him six months later. I became sort of an apprentice to him. It was there that he told me that you cannot study and not practice.

Also I had a very difficult time to change my life from being a rock musician and to leave all this behind, because I was making quite a lot of money and I had an identity as a rockstar and so on. But I knew all along that he was completely right. I just had not had the guts to do it.

So, now I had met this man who was practicing and not reading. So in many ways it was the perfect match. I worked with him for seven years during which I also wrote my Triology “The Seer”, “The Magdalene” and “The Grail”, which are now called The O manuscript.

N: Ahh, they are all three part of “The O Manuscript”.

L: Yes yes, they ARE “The O Manuscript”.

N: So, if you want to read all three books you can just buy “The O Manuscript”. Good to know. I was very fascinated when I read your book “The Seer” cause it is such a powerful story. I mean I have read a lot of esoteric books and I practice meditation, but just like you say, it is so easy to read about all this and forget to practice it in the everyday life. Laziness or just other priorities often come in and take over instead.

L: Exactly.

N: Well, today I would actually like to talk about why you believe that so many young people have huge problems. I mean, I grew up in Denmark, which is a quite a wealthy country and now I live in Germany and I seem to see the same problems. Very young kids are suffering from anxiety, depression, and for the older teenagers also the inability to somehow “take charge of their own life”. What I mean is that it is difficult for many of them to function without someone telling them exactly what to do. Basically it is challenging for many of them to lead a normal life, complete an education, keep a job and most importantly (in my opinion) to be happy.

L: Uhmmm

N: Also many parents are suffering from stress and depression. So, I would like to hear your view on why it is so bad and what you think we can do to aid our selves and our children.

L: To me there is no doubt that the main problem, which is also the reason for all the other problems, is that you divert yourself from all your qualities and from your “higher self”, so to speak. You are just watching and living from the “small self” and the “ego view”, then of course that is what you get! You should imagine that we as humans were born with such strong abilities that we can do everything we want.

But, we need to know that there is a certain law involved if we want to achieve everything that we have always dreamt of and that we are looking in the wrong places. You know, that is because it has something to do with spirituality and a lot of people are afraid of religions, because they have been witnessing how a lot of more or less sick people in the name of a certain religion do this or that. This has frightened a lot of people from really trying to dig deeper and evolve it within themselves. So this is the new challenge for everybody.

The only answer to all the questions you might have is that we start on that path, which is self-development and spirituality in order to get through all the noise that we have surrounded ourselves with. Right into the center of our own being.

You know, there is another completely confused thing and that is that everybody is looking for happiness outside of them selves. So they look here, there and everywhere and are running from one place to another, but they won’t find what they are looking for. Instead they should be sitting down to look within.

That is exactly what Jesus said that we are born into, if you want to stay in the Christian religion. He said: “Don’t forget that kingdom of heaven is within you”. He actually says that in the New Testament. But nobody is talking about it in the church.

N: No, cause then you would not have to go to the church. Then you could just “stay at home” and go within.

L: No, no, no. Exactly! Well, you could go to church, but you don’t have to go for the reason you are going now, because you think it is there (Note by Nina: to get in touch with your own higher self / the divine within us all).

N: Yes, you can connect to this energy wherever you are. You don’t have to go and sit in a physical church to do that. But for some people it is just easier to go to a church to connect to this through something more physical.

L: The next thing is, that if you decide to do this and you think: “This is the answer to all my questions”, well then you need to start to practice. When we start to practice we find out that we have to leave our comfort zone. But people today, I mean…don’t take me wrong…but we are lazy and kind of like Zombies.

And somebody somewhere had this brilliant idea that in order to just “close everybody down” we were given a screen so we can sit like dumb fools and Zombies looking into our screens. And everybody is looking into their screen on the phones. Everything has to go through that screen, so we forget to look within ourselves. It is a distraction and it is a very very….almost criminal act towards humanity.

N: You mean the internet and constant access to being bombarded with not just useful, but most of the time “un-useful” knowledge?

L: Exactly. It is nonsense. And more and more fake news is popping up and more and more…just crazy stuff. Now it has more or less become a place where people can get rid of their frustration and anger about not getting what they wanted. They think that: “I am not satisfied, so I must buy a bigger screen or newer telephone” and so they are more distracted.

I mean there is nothing wrong with the telephone, as there was nothing wrong with the typewriter, but the dangerous thing about this is that it makes us Zombies. We become technocrats. We think we can solve all problems with technology. There is one thing I can tell you and that is: That is not possible!

If we turn our backs to our selves and our inner abilities, then we will never ever find any solutions to any problem that we are creating all the time. More and more problems are being created and we are not solving any of them. We think we are able to, but we won’t solve anything. We will just create more noise and more distraction.

N: Yes, and this is also what you see with so many kids today. They sit with their screens and interact through the screen.

L: If I was a kid living in this world I would try to get away from it as fast as I can. I think the screen is part of that. It is a way to get far away.

(End of Part 1 – Part 2 will be online tomorrow)


Want to know more about Lars Muhl, his books and workshops? Then you can visit his websites below: 

Lars Muhl Personal Website – click here.

Lars Muhl and wife Ghita Ben David’s Danish/English website – click here.

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