Part 2 – Interview w. Lars Muhl – A Danish Rockstar and Esoteric Author

Lars Muhl, photo by Ole Bernt Frøshaug

A few weeks ago, I decided to write to the famous Danish Rockstar and Esoteric Author Lars Muhl’s assistant to ask for an interview. I wanted to know Lars’ take on why so many young people suffer from depression today. Why so many parents find it difficult to raise their kids. Why so many kids are put on anti-depressives and diagnosed with ADHD or Autism. How does he think we can help our younger generation and what is the reason for this massive down-ward spiral in our mental health?

If you are “new” to my blog, I suggest you read Part 1 of this special interview first. You can find it by clicking right here. At the end of this interview you can find links to Lars Muhl’s website. I hope you’ll enjoy reading the interview.



L: If I was a kid living in this world I would try to get away from it as fast as I can. I think the screen is part of that. It is a way to get far away.

N: This answer puzzled me a bit, cause I had actually not thought about the screen like that…that it was an escape for kids and teens from the real world, cause it is all too much. My response was: “You mean you think the kids try to escape the reality through the screen cause it is all too overwhelming?

L: Yes, cause they are all just surrogates. They are not getting the real stuff or the real deal. Nobody is telling the truth. Nobody knows anything. I mean, if you are born into a world of Zombies, what would you do? Coming maybe from another place where you were completely clear and sharp. Just imagine for a new soul coming into this world, being so clear and sharp and just thinking: “What the hell am I doing here. Why should I come to a place like this?”

You know, the kids are trying to adjust the best they can. Every time they try to be who they really are they get “closed down” with the message that: “You are sick, so take these pills”. You won’t make it in this world if you don’t ‘come into the fold’ you know.

(Note: Lars talks about that souls arrive from another “pure” place before entering a physical body on our planet).

N: So, don’t fall outside the norm and break the patterns?

L: Exactly, and the norm and the patterns are being more and more restricted and rigid.

N: Although we think we are freer than ever and have access to more knowledge, the opposite is actually occurring? So we are in fact becoming a form of prisoners of our own small worlds.

L: Yes. That is the brilliance of that illusion. The brilliance of those, who created that illusion. Maybe they created it for some reason, I don’t know. But sometimes when you hear people that develop all those theories, you could actually think they may be right in some cases.

N: You mean conspiracy theories?

L: Yeah. I just think it is all about money. Money talks. If you want to write a good book or read a good book, it is a book that has been a Bestseller and has sold in millions of copies. Or if you want a good teacher it is the teacher who has the most followers on the internet. You know, it is all measured by “how much” and not about the quality of what is within. And that is the world.

So everybody is striving to get their 15minutes of fame and hopefully make a lot of money. And it does not matter what it is, it can be a doctor inventing some crazy story about something and all the zombies think “wow isn’t that funny” you know.

N: But do you think that the reason why so many kids and teens want to be rich and famous is that they see it makes you more seen and heard, which maybe many of them feel they are not cause their parents are so stressed out?

L: Exactly.

N: I mean it is not to blame the parents cause we are all just a product of our society. It is the way we started to live. You have parents that are physically there, but mentally they are somewhere else (in their list of to-do’s or worries or whatever?) and the kids feel this immediately.

L: You know when you see parents sitting with their kids, and I see this everyday, it can be on the ferry, on a train on anywhere, this is an opportunity to be together and to do something together. Even the parents are just watching their screens and haven’t got time and they say: “Oh, go and buy a cookie or something” and they are just into their own games and movies and all this shit.

N: Yes, it is somewhat overwhelming for everyone and many people don’t know how to brake out of it. It has become their world and their everyday.

Lars Muhl the way I recall him from my childhood as a big Rockstar.

L: I experience a lot of young parents today, being just the same frustrated children as their own children. And I would say it goes another generation back to their parents as well. And everybody is sitting with those screens you know, playing games. So, argh….

N: So this is the big challenge. If the solution to the problem of kids suffering from depression and anxiety is resulting in them having to be medicated, rather than “Pulling the internet plug” and maybe also creating more “real” connection to the parents, then we have to detox both kids and parents from the internet. How to do that? I guess it starts with the parents being aware of the impact their addiction to the screen has on their kids, well and also the whole lifestyle of us parents.

L: But you know, if it is in politics and everything, then you know, this is just the norm. I mean, everyone does it. How can you live without it? Just imagine the day the whole internet closes down?!

N: I think of that quite often. You know, many people would be paralyzed.

L: Yes. And nobody would know anything cause they cannot Google it.

N: I myself was born in 1980, so I was lucky to grow up before the internet but still have it as a part of my childhood. So I think it is more easy for me to create a online/offline balance, cause I have such great memories from the time before the internet.

I can easily value how it is to be offline. But the kids that are younger than me, they have never tried life without the internet. They don’t know what it is to be offline for longer. For them it is not natural. They have to be taught how it is and that is the role of the parents. Bring the kids to a place where you maybe don’t have your phone or internet, so they can more easily reconnect to their higher self, as you call it, which is who they really are….or just experience peace of mind after a while.

L: Uhm.

I am reading this book by Lars Muhl right now and will write my opinion about it here on the blog once I have read it.

N: Of course not everyone reading this interview know about the higher self and what it is, but if they are interested in finding out more, they could maybe start by reading one of your books? Do you have something that would be recommendable for beginners?

L: Yeah yeah. I mean, it doesn’t matter how long you work with this, we are all beginners. Each and every one of us has our own special path to walk. No one can put down something universal and say: “if you do like this then that will happen”. What this is all about is to be reconnected to that Kingdom of heaven within you. And when you are connected that is when you start opening up to your intuition for example.

If you don’t use your intuition, then it won’t use you! Meaning that every time you turn on a GPS or something like that, you turn your back on your intuition. I have seen people talking about “how is the weather today” and instead of looking out of the window, they Google it! They don’t even trust their own eyes!

Or their own feelings or senses!

N: Hahaha…yes, it is true (I laughed quite a bit at this remark cause I do it too when I want to find out how to dress my little son!)

L: This is the maximum distraction of everything, you know. That we start to mistrust our own senses and our own inner voice. So, we have to reconnect and actually religion comes from the old latin phrase religare, which means to re-connect to the higher. To God or to the higher self. So that is actually what religion is all about: to reconnect! Yeah! Because when you come into this world you are disconnected.

When you are young you are naturally going into this “Tivoli” of a world and you have to taste every forbidden fruit there is. Try this drug or this drink and you have to go through the whole sexual thing too. And that is how it is because you are to discover what this world is all about and use your senses.

But there comes a time when you are just full of it and you need to do something else. And if you don’t get out of it and find out that you need to re-connect inwards, then you just slowly become a Zombie who just thinks about getting entertained, eating unhealthy food, you know, and watching the screen and just being yeah….hmmm

N: Yes, or maybe you become ill?

L: Yes! So that is a challenge…to get out of the “Tivoli” of norms and the Zombie circus you know.

N: But maybe it is also cause the world is so overwhelming in many ways, especially when you are young. You have to make so many choices early on and that it is so easy to fall into the “reward” trap before you complete your list of “to-do’s” or what choices to make. Weather it is pleasure through sex, drugs, drinking or partying, even shopping, or just being online.

L: Yes exactly.

N: Somehow it enables you to reach a mild form of this total bliss state you can reach when you meditate.

L: Exactly.

N: But of course through meditation you can stay in that state for much longer and it is not unhealthy.

L: I also think that besides meditation, it starts with finding out what the Law of Light is.

(End of Part 2 – Part 3 will be online tomorrow)


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