Part 3 – Interview w. Lars Muhl – Why are so many kids depressed today?

Lars Muhl with his Wife Ghita Ben-David

This is the final part of an interview I have done with the famous Danish esoteric Author and Rockstar Lars Muhl. I wanted to know Lars Muhl’s take on why so many young people suffer from depression today. Why so many parents find it difficult to raise their kids. Why so many kids are put on anti-depressives and diagnosed with Anxiety, Depression and ADHD. How does he think we can help our younger generation and what is the reason for this massive down-ward spiral in our mental health?

Did you read part 1 and 2? If not, I suggest you follow this interesting talk from the beginning. You can find Part 1 of the interview right here and link to Lars Muhl’s website at the end of this post.


(This first part is a re-post of what we just talked about in the previous part of the interview, so you can more easily follow our conversation)

L: I also think that besides meditation, it starts with finding out what the Law of Light is. That which is connecting everything in the universe. There is a secret law and that is to treat other people the same way that you would like to be treated. Because if you just walk on the street and throw things like paper on the pavement, I mean someone is going to clean it up after you. Just by that small thing, you have broken the law of light.

It is that we start to be more present and see how we affect other peoples lives by just walking through it and that we start to be more passionate, more grateful and more graceful and be more helpful towards others, you know. Because in that is actually where we start connecting. And we can do it everywhere and with whatever we do.

When we go down to the drugstore or supermarket, or where ever we are we can start practicing the Law of Light. I think that is the base of everything. Find a new view on who you are and who other people are. Just begin to see that the world was not created for your sake only. Everybody is not just some “xtras” in a film where you are the main role.

Lars Muhl meets Dalai Lama. Photo by Oliver Adam.

So really start to see that we are all coming from the same place: we are all one! That is actually what Christianity was all about and we forgot. I think, like Dalai Lama he says when he comes to Europe and sees people coming in dressed like Buddhists in orange robes: “why do you dress like this when you have Christianity?”

I mean it is no accident that you are born into this, you just have to go deeper. If you are not satisfied with what they teach you in the church, then go deeper into the Esoteric Christianity. That is a challenge for us. We don’t go to church and why not? Cause they are just scratching the surface. Nobody is going deep anywhere in Christianity, so this has been a part of my work in my book The Law of Light, and in the latest The Gate of Light.

I have been very much into the old practices of the old mystery schools that Jesus also attended. Because I found that we need a practice that everybody can do. I mean it is so simple! It is just about deciding that: “now I want to do it”. You don’t need to go to university and any child can do this. Any child can start healing using their healing abilities that we all are carrying.

Everybody can work with reading the Book of Life to open up to the higher clairvoyance or intuition or whatever you want to call it. Anybody can do it. It was given to us freely. Nobody is using it and that is why we are frustrated because deep down in every being we know about these things. We have just forgotten about them. So, there is something within us that is responding towards this negligence. Even when we go out in the world we are becoming more and more sad because of that. We are looking for a reason for why we are sad and we get medicated because we are sad, not knowing that the only reason is that we turned our back on ourselves.

N: Yes, and became disconnected.

L: YES! So we need people who know about these things who can go out in the world and try to tell people about this. I just finished my latest book that comes out in Danish now and which is the most important book written not only by me, but I dare say, I have not read a book like that myself. It is a book that is offering everything that I have been working with all of my life. All the experiences I have done, and I am giving all the practices that anybody can do. Also practices I learnt from “The Seer”. Everything is in that book. The new book is called “The light within a human being”.

N: And what is the title in Danish?

L: Lyset I et menneskes hjerte. It will be out at the end of this year and next year hopefully also in German, just like my other books are translated into other languages. Because this is the most important book.

N: The most important book out of all those you have written so far?

L: Yeah I find that this is the most important.

N: You know, I would like to ask you something else Lars, which is that we often read about how the kids that are born today or maybe during the last 10-15 years are more high-vibrational and often very intelligent. Do you believe this is true?

At this point in the interview my recorder paused on its own. Yes, the dream scenario while you are doing an interview! Luckily enough I had pen and paper and could write down his answer in good old-fashioned style on paper.

Lars’ agreed to the fact that many of the kids born today are highly sensitive (note by Nina: This means that they experience and sense things much more than many of us adults do. That is also why things often get too overwhelming for them faster, cause they “take so much in”. However, they are often highly intelligent both in terms of a high IQ but also often a high emotional intelligence).

More of these souls are “arriving” as the world (and people here) is in dire need of more high vibrational souls to aid it. It is so unfortunate that they are often just diagnosed with ADHD and other attention deficit disorders, when they are in fact just operating on another level than us older humans. They are not “sick”, they are just misunderstood and finding it difficult to “operate” in a dense and intense world such as ours.

Because these kids are more sensitive they also are more affected by the poisons in our foods and these have been building up since the 1950’s. Lars even talks about how he thinks that some people may have a secret interest in making us all more sick through our food, such as the medicine industries.

At this point my recorder began recording again, so from here on you get the exact words 😉

Lars Muhl by Vembyephoto

L: There are actually powers that would like to maintain this despite that the world in crumbling down around us, you know. I think until the last day or the day before everything is just exploding there will be people defending it just because of money.

I mean all those people who are waking up, and we are lucky that more and more people are waking up, they see that politicians are not doing enough and they then realize that: “Oh, it is up to us know”. So you will see more and more people in the streets.

I also foresee that there will be a Civil War in the USA because of that crazy president and all those crazy people who support him. And they have so many weapons there. So I think it is building up and a lot of it is coming to Europe to. We have the Brexit people and all those Neo Nazis. All these things.

People who are frustrated and want to get their frustrations out and then need a cause and hang their frustration on some crazy politician, who need his or her 15minutes of fame. I mean it is all insane and it is up to us, you know. And you cannot do it by twisting people’s arms around you.

You just have to keep on providing the facts as good as you can and also show by your own example that there IS another way of doing things. You cannot preach but you can show other people by your own example and it starts down in the supermarket today!

You can go down and treat people like you want to be treated and you can buy things that you find are proper to buy. If more and more people buy organic food, then they have to produce more Organic food.

N: Listen to the consumers needs.

L: The only thing we can hope for is that it is not too late.

N: Yeah and just look at the weather and how hot it has been in Germany and Denmark this summer.

L: Yes, ALL over. Even in America. It is all over the world. And still there are people denying that it is happening (Global Warming).

N: Yes, as you say it is good that people are beginning to wake up, we just need more people to wake up faster.

L: And the minute that people find out that they can actually sit down anywhere and start practicing and actually change the environment around them in the space that they are. For instance if you are in a delicate spot and there are a lot of people screaming and shouting, you can sit down and actually just by practicing peace (visualizing peace and thinking peaceful thoughts) you can spread that peace in that room or where ever you are. And within a few minutes it will just dissolve and it will be peaceful. I do that all the time.

N: So you can just sit down and send out kind of a peaceful energy?

L: Yeah and you know it is all about dedication and being present and then you can do it. I do it every day and every where I go if I feel for it. I just step aside for a few minutes and practice and then …

N: And then you feel a change?

L: Yes.

N: That is a powerful tool and probably also one you describe in your new book?

L: It is!

N: Sounds like something that would be good to have on my bookshelf and not just to read but also practice. Well, I think I have come to the end of my questions so thank you so much for doing this interview Lars.

L: Thank you.


I hope you have enjoyed reading this somewhat different take on why Lars Muhl thinks so many kids (and parents) suffer from anxiety, depression and attention disorders. If you wish to read more about Lars Muhl or order his books, you can visit his websites below:

Lars Muhl Personal Website – click here.

Lars Muhl and wife Ghita Ben David’s Danish/English website – click here.

Warm regards from me to you,



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