Sitges with a toddler!

Me and my Man – a picture taken last night after we had performed a show together. I sang my own songs and he read funny short stories from his recent two books (In German). Ahh, sweet when you can combine both of your passions into one show.

Tomorrow we are off on a weeks holiday to Sitges in Spain. My birthday gift this year – lucky me! When my boyfriend told me we were going to Sitges, I thought: “I remember hearing about that place….what is it….hmm…ahh now I remember…it is famous for its gay life!”.

I have to tell you straight away that I have many gay friends and absolutely embrace the gay community, however it was a bit funny as my boyfriend had no idea Sitges was gay heaven. Well, off we are going tomorrow with our son of almost 2 1/2 and I am excited. I may be the one who has to watch over my hunky boyfriend on this trip though.

I just browsed through the internet and came across a Blog where a family father wrote about why he LOVES Sitges and why him, his wife and kids keep returning to this place and no, they are not gay. They just love the vibe there and that it is just 1 hour from the buzz in Barcelona. So, dear you, when I am back from Sitges in a weeks time I will write you an update on how I found this place and if I recommend going there with kids, too.

Peace, love and holiday – vibes,


PS – if you want to read some very inspiring interviews in the mean time, I suggest you check out the ones I have done here on the links below. Just click on the name.

Lars Muhl (Esoteric Author and Danish Rockstar) – Theme: Why are so many kids and teens (and adults) depressed, anxious and suffering today and what can we do about it?

René Holm (Danish painter) – Theme: Daring to follow a dream and live well of it. Parenting. Do’s and Dont’s of the Artworld.

Marcia Barrett (Singer of THE famous BONEY M Band) – Theme: Life before, during and after Boney M

— The Interviews below here are only in Danish !!!!!! —

Kate Hall (Singer, Vocal coach and Yoga teacher) – How was it to be in Popstars both as a contestant and later as a vocal coach. How does a singing career and family life go hand in hand. A few Health tips and tasty recipes.

Maj Bjerre (Coach and author) – Theme: How do we best give and receive criticism and why do so many of us dislike it. Maj talks about the gift in embracing criticism.

Ditte Young (Clairvoyant, Animal healer, Mother of an Autistic Child, and Author) – Theme: What is clairvoyance and how did Ditte develop her skills. How is it to be able to communicate with animals? Which challenges do Ditte face being a mom of an autistic child, who was born blind, but who Ditte trained up to see (against doctors predictions).



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